Special Cakes

? Is it almost your birthday?
? A communion or confirmation?
? Degree, diploma or promotion?
?? Engagement or marriage?

? Would you like to send a gift or a surprise to somebody?
? You order and we deliver!
? Also with personalized message for him / her

Whatever your occasion, we have the right cake for you…and the fun thing…is that you are the artist ? Welcome to our cake-maker! We will guide you step by step in the creation of your cake…you send us the message, and we execute!

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Do you already know how you would like your cake to be?
Jump to the cake configurator to send us your order! (Watch a fun video on how to use the cake configurator clicking here).

Ready, set, go!

1. The base

We can offer the following alternatives for the base of your cake:

Puff pastry

Sponge cake

Shortcrust pastry

For the sponge cake base we can create your cake with the shape of a heart or of a number (see below).

Heart-shaped cake
Number-shaped cake

2. The filling inside

What do we put in the inside? Here is the time to let your imagination run wild! Here are our options:

?Chantilly cream
?Custard cream
?Chocolate cream
?Eggnog cream

?Hazelnut cream
?Pistachio cream
?Cream and berries
?Cream and strawberries

?Chantilly and strawberries
?Chantilly and berries
?Chantilly and chocolate flakes

3. The decorations on the sides

What do we put on the sides?

Hazelnut grain

Chocolate flakes

Chopped puff pastry

Whipped Cream

Cream and strawberries

Sugar paste

White chocolate icing

Dark chocolate icing

4. Decorations

We can decorate your cake in different ways. We can write on it with chocolate, create a sugar paste plate or print a wafer with a photo of your choice!
In case you insert a wafer, remember to send us the photo to stefano@pasticceriadiviapedrocchi.com (you can also find the email in the contact section).

5. Candles

Do you need candles? Let us know how many and which ones! This is what we can offer you:

Regular candles, pink and blue

Number-shaped candles

Sparkling, fountain candles

6. Last information details

Almost everything ready? Please remember to provide us with the following information:

  • On which date you would like your cake
  • What time you want to pick it up
  • Remember to leave a telephone number so we can contact you
  • Tell us anything else relevant

Are you ready to create your own cake?

? Have you configured your perfect cake? Excellent! Here is how you can tell us your order:

  • Contact us directly by email or phone from the contact section
  • Through the cake configurator below (Watch a fun video on how to use the cake configurator by clicking here). Please Note: the form is in Italian.

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