Traditional Cakes

? In our pastry shop you will find daily the typical cakes of the Modena Apennines, freshly baked according to the traditions of our grandmothers.
? They can be purchased whole, in halves and quarters.

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‚ö† Please note: We bake many products every day, but not all of them. Therefore, if you want something in particular, we suggest you let us know in advance so that we can satisfy your requests.

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You’ll find a lot of tarts every day, and then you’ll never want to give them up again. Cherries, apricot, black cherry or lemon, you will look at the showcase with admiration;
blackberries, berries, blueberries, chocolate however of the choice you will be ecstatic!

Walnuts cake

The fragrant walnut cake
maybe you already know it.
With its crunchy crust outside,
amazes anyone with such flavors!

Chocolate Cake

With its special sweet and bitter taste,
maybe a pinch of coffee you will be unaware,
the chocolate cake, soft and tasty,
will always be among rivals the most delicious.

Almonds and Amaretti

The cake with almonds and amaretti,
Granny gave it to us with a thousand kisses.
Its classic flavor will make you dream,
and in our grandmothers’ time will make you come back.

Ricotta cheese and Chocolate Crumbs

One day the ricotta cheese came down from Cimone,
in via Pedrocchi brought her her master,
thus met the chocolate chips,
and Fananina was born to delight every palate


To get the day off to a good start,
the doughnut in the milk must be soaked,
with its lightness and simplicity,
feeds people of all ages.

Almonds and Chocolate

Maybe the nuts do not satisfy your palate?
The solution for you is almonds and chocolate. Of the walnut cake is born twin,
without the nuts but in the same pan.

Tagliatelle and Chocolate Cake

The tagliatelle cake, classic artisan,
we propose it in a spatial version:
combined with chocolate, with a little zabaglione,
is the ace up your sleeve on every occasion.

Apple Pie – our special way

The apple pie, soft and light,
you’ll dream about it from morning till night.
A slice here, another one there,
apple pie your favorite will be.

Almond Cake

With a little sugar, eggs and flour
create the basis for this queen;
if you really want to overdo it,
fine almonds you have to match!

Lemon Cake

With its soft and light dough,
reminiscent of lemon the truest flavor.
The heart of cream is all to be discovered…
the largest slice will make you aspire!!!

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